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Learn the different forms of disaster communication when an emergency or disaster strikes.

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Don’t Be Out of Reach During Emergencies Cell Phones/Smartphones: Primary Disaster Communication Device Alternative Methods of Communication During a Disaster Phone Booths: Quick and Easy Disaster Communication System Satellite Phones: Ultimate Device in Emergency Disaster? Social Media: The Disaster Communication Wild Card CB Radio: Prepper’s Choice of Communication in Natural Disasters HAM Radio: Tried-and-Tested Disaster Communication Device Serval Mesh: Promising New Disaster Communication Method Preparation: Best Disaster Communication Solution Before a Disaster: How to Prepare Your Home and Mobile Device Ensure Everyone’s Safety with These Disaster Communication Options

Don’t Be Out of Reach During Emergencies

Disaster communication is important for our survival. There is no way to know exactly when or where a disaster can strike. Advanced technologies can help predict these occurrences. Nature, though, can still find ways to surprise the unsuspecting population.

Having communication during emergency situations can mean safety and preparedness. It can help reduce the extent of the destruction caused by these calamities.

Here are the different types of disaster emergency communications.

1. Cell Phones/Smartphones: Primary Disaster


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