Dene Adams Corsets: Concealment for Women

Dene Adams Corsets are designed for a woman to carry concealed comfortably all day without sacrificing style or limiting clothing options. Standard and petite versions are crafted to securely hold a firearm and two reloads. $90-$125

The topic of women-­­­specific and practical, concealment holsters is widely discussed, often attempted, but rarely accomplished.

Why is it so difficult for women to find a way to conceal a handgun? The answer is easy: physiology.

Women’s bodies typically feature shorter waists and wider hips than men’s, which makes drawing from conventional holsters difficult. Studies suggest that men are also typically 10 percent larger than women. This makes it more challenging for women to carry concealed using traditional methods of outside (OWB) or inside the waist band (IWB).

There are some very good holsters available, but rarely do they meet the needs of a woman’s lifestyle. Most females have daily clothing restrictions based on their career or activity. On average, a woman is two times more anxious about fashion choices than male counterparts. This means that a woman is more apt to leave her firearm at home if it means she can’t wear her chosen outfit of the day because of the firearm and


Originally posted on Guns and Ammo