CZ BREN S2 Shipping in the US?

It seems that the CZ Bren S2 is having a very soft launch as the first small shipment of guns hits stores. The 5.56x45mm and 7.62x39mm variants of the semi-automatic version of the Czech military rifle have been spotted for sale online for the first time.

While the Bren S1 has been available in the US for a number of years the updated S2, based on the Bren 2 has not yet been released, despite the success of the Scorpion EVO 3. CZ-USA have not made an announcement or updated their website so TFB reached out to one of the stores selling the Bren S2, the North Dakota-based Prepper Gun Shop. They confirmed that one of CZ’s wholesale dealers received a small shipment of several hundred guns, seemingly imported as pistols.

Prepper Gun Shop currently has the Bren S2 pistols in two calibers – 7.62x39mm and 5.56x45mm and in three barrel lengths 8-inch, 9-inch, and 11-inch. According to Prepper’s the Brens shipped with the M4 stock adaptor and they decided to put together a brace package with the SB Tactical SBA3 brace. The pistols are also available without braces.

CZ Bren S2 in 7.62x36mm with an 11inch barrel and an SB


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog