Critical Thinking – A Valuable Skill to Prepare for the Brave New World

Editors Note: A contribution from an educator on the development of critical thinking as the primary goal of the educational process. As preppers we must always be learning and teaching those who will one day hold positions of responsibility. Positions that will impact our lives and the lives of those we care about most. While this article is directed at those perhaps still “learning how to learn”, its has a powerful message for us all.

Critical thinking is an opportunity to assess the way you form thoughts and offer evidence for your ideas instead of blindly believing that your position, regardless of the topic, is the only correct one. The advantages of mastering this skill include the improved control of your learning process as well as empathy for other opinions.

It’s self-directed and self-monitored thinking. Teachers assign tasks aimed to develop critical thinking to entail effective communication and problem-solution skills. Such assignments also help to reduce egocentrism & sociocentrism.

The development of critical thinking in school leads to obtaining such skills as:

Reasoning Analysis Evaluating Decision making Problem-solving

Critical thinking is a valuable skill for any career, and so it is important to discuss how it develops during the


Originally posted on The Prepper Journal