Concealed Carry Corner: Situational Awareness – Do You Have It?

Even though I started writing this column days ago, apparently Wednesday was National Situational Awareness Day. So much for my digital self-awareness. But the timing couldn’t be better: The US Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) dropped a hypothetical restaurant layout on their Facebook page a few days ago, asking their readers to pick their preferred seat and why. The idea may be overly simplistic, but anything that helps people literally open their eyes is probably worthy of a discussion.


So, looking at the above floor plan, what seat would you pick and why?

Not to worry, I won’t be using terms like ‘sheep’, ‘woke’ or ‘head-on-a-swivel’. But instead of talking purely about guns or gear on this week’s edition of Concealed Carry Corner, I thought we could have a broader discussion on our surroundings, observations and how we interact as the environment as it changes around us. Prior training a experience has given me a fairly good idea on how to analyze my surroundings for potential risks and possible mitigation. That being said, I don’t consider myself an expert.

Concealed Carry Corner: Situational Awareness – Do You Have It?

First, what exactly is Situational Awareness?

As the


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