Concealed Carry Corner: Combating the Cliches of Carrying

When someone entertains the idea of carrying for the first time they will inevitably be inundated with one slapstick cliche after another. The main objective for any new concealed carry holder is to wade their way through these tongue and cheek comments to find the best pistol, holster and carrying situation for themselves. To not be bludgeoned with eye-rolling cliches is like trying to fall out of the top of a tree and not hit a branch on the way down… nearly impossible.

“Speak softly and carry a big stick.”

“Ammo capacity trumps everything.”

“I only need 5 rounds because I don’t miss!”

If you hang out at enough gun shops and ranges you probably have heard some permutation of those phrases and a boat load of other ones. Most of the time sentiments like these do not answer a question. They simply are a divisive statement inviting a debate you did not sign up for. Albeit, you can have a lot of  fun debating your favorite caliber or gun brand against somebody else. Most of the time though you want to cut through the malarkey to make decisions for yourself. So if you are new to carrying a


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog