CLANDESTINE QUIET: Tornado Technologies Oxy22 Micro Silencer

If you follow our Silencer Saturday series here at TFB, you know that I am a fan of the more unique examples from the quiet side of the NFA world. I have a stable of standard suppressors, many of which are solid rimfire performers, but I will sometimes sacrifice ultimate sound reduction for purpose-built, compact and noteworthy models. Tornado Technologies has just announced the Oxy22, a one ounce, one and a half inch long aluminum 22LR silencer that uses a polyurethane wipe. The Oxy22 is specifically designed to function on the Beretta 21A which is currently on a production pause, but the compact pistols can be found for slightly higher than average prices at the usual haunts. If you locate a Beretta 21A or are already a proud owner, take advantage of Tornado Technologies’ well respected barrel threading service. I’ve yet to hear from a disappointed customer.

Like all Silencer purchases, managing expectations is the key to satisfaction. A one ounce key chain suppressor is not going to produce Hollywood quiet trigger pulls. As with most wipe-designed silencers, the Oxy22 is going to perform best with a bit of ablative media (grease, gel, water) to tame those hot expanding gases.


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog