Camping Made Simple: Camping Hacks

Surviving the family camping trip requires more than food, water, and shelter. In order to return from the wilderness with your sanity intact, not to mention keep whining to a minimum, you need to keep your little zombies comfortable. The best way to do this is to get organized, and getting organized starts with packing the car. Here are some hacks that will inspire you to get creative on your trip!

Camping Made Simple | 5 Hacks to Help You Get Started

Camping Hacks for Families Make Your Next Camping Trip a Breeze Photo by 1. Bring Only the Essentials

Ever hear the expression, “you can’t take it all with you”? This applies to family camping trips as well. Instinct may tell you to pack for any eventuality, but smart and savvy packing will make the trip run smoother in the end. Basic necessities like clothing and toiletries are fine because­ you’ll need those. But you should take a good hard look at each item you’re planning on bringing to the camping trip. Is it necessary, and how many functions can it perform? Find items that can do double duty to cut down on clutter. If it only has


Originally posted on Survival Life