Campfire Infographic | How To Build The Perfect Campfire

This campfire infographic will help start your fire at the camp in no time. Whether you’re building a campfire to enjoy with friends on a camping trip or keeping yourself warm through a cold winter night, knowing how to build a great fire is a must-have skill. To build the perfect campfire, you need the right combination of tinder and fire starter, as well as the right way to feed your fire with oxygen for it to burn as long as possible. Are you ready to work on your campfire building skills? This infographic will give you the perfect instructions to build campfires.

Campfire Infographic | Building Your Campfire in No Time

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1. Prepare Your Site

Choosing the right spot is the first step in building your campfire. Make sure there are no trees and branches right above your campfire. Otherwise, they could catch fire. Start digging a circular pit with a diameter of about 3 feet and a depth of 6 inches. You can also put large stones or bricks around the pit to secure the fire. 2. Gather Tinder and Wood


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