c from Outer Space!

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It sounds like a bad movie from the 50s. I can picture horrible visual effects and a drive-in movie theater. Unfortunately, we are just not that lucky.

We are on a small planet that is whirling around a supermassive nuclear explosion and we are surrounded by thing like comets, asteroids and even elements we hardly understand like dark matter.

We already know that the sun can have a profound effect on our way of life. It is what gives us light and heat. We also know that it can spit serious energy at our planet. EMP educing energy that could turn the power off on humanity for good! Nothing stands out about the EMP like a stat that says 90% of people would die in the first year of a grid collapse EMP. That’s the severity.

Recently scientists have been observing the coming solar minimum or the time when the sun slows down a bit. There are so many sunspots on the face of the


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