Buying for the Homesteader in your Life

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Do you know a homesteader? Chances are if you are a homesteader you likely know others. In many ways you could call this group and elite class of people who have decided to bear the burden of ancient hardships, despite the convenience, to live a dynamic life outside the norm.

This dynamic life also affords them a societal freedom most people just cannot understand.  They live on their own, they produce their own food, they make their own stuff! So what do you get someone who makes their own stuff?

There are lots of great gifts for homesteaders on the market. You need to start by considering some categories.

Gifts for the Homestead

It takes a lot to run a homestead, so you might want to consider the needs of those on the homestead. Buying things like new tools and materials can be as much a gift as anything else. Ball jars, yarn, fencing, might sound like weird gifts but they are gold to the


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