Burns and Cuts in a Collapse

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Something very interesting is going to happen to people if they find themselves in a full scale collapse. While many of us work behind keys, we poke at phones and we hold video game controllers, we don’t do a lot of hard work with our hands. Our soft little hands are going to be shocked when they realize that things like building, gardening, blacksmithing and a whole host of other tasks that have to be handled become daily life.

What do you think will happen to your hands after a week of this hard work.

You can count on cuts, blisters, bruises and burns. Your hands are going to need time to adapt but you are always going to get cut and you need to treat them and heal them fast. Remember, if you have daily job for food, water or something else, you cannot call out when survival is involved. There will not be people to step in for you while you nurse an


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