Building or Making a Survival Kit

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Whether we are talking about a comprehensive survival kit that is capable of keeping you alive for months in the wilderness or a simple kit that allows you to hike for a few miles outside of base camp, having the precise survival kit is crucial.

For a prepper there is a plethora of options out there when it comes to survival kits. There are as many videos that show you how to make a survival kit as there are survival kits for sale. Some kits are tailored towards certain scenarios.

There are cheap, glove box, survival kits that offer a few good items and some filler. Then there are massive packs that are stocked with high-quality gear, designed to protect you and your family in a disaster.

So that leaves you with two options when addressing the survival kit. You can either build your own from the ground up or buy something that meets your needs.

Building your Own Survival Kit

The struggle with building


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