Bugging out Hygiene 101

Staying clean and fresh is not just a civil nicety. Far from it, hygiene is a mandate for good health in good times or bad, and a lack of hygiene will quickly result in debilitating illness, disease or other maladies which can sap morale or even lead to incapacitation. Considering how simple and effective even an austere grooming and bathing routine can be, this is unacceptable.

Don’t listen to the hardcore snake-eater types who would have you abandon all thought (and subsequent supplies) for grooming and hygiene; while they may proffer such advice with good intentions, they would actually be opening up a chink in your armor that would leave you vulnerable to just another preventable source of harm.

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Besides the obvious health concerns, close confines, proximity and extended exposure to another person’s fragrant stench will fray already raw nerves, sow conflict and discord and generally make a bad situation worse. Conversely, the simple routine of washing and self-care, even if done minimally, adds much needed routine to trying days, reduces stress and prevents the spread of


Originally posted on The Survivalist Blog