BUG OUT: 60+ Preparedness Resources for Bugging Out

If preppers were the title of a book the subtitle would undoubtedly be the bugout. Its one of those things that just goes hand in hand. The bugout has been around from the beginning. When the bugout is executed properly you are dealing with one of the best ways to get away from a disaster. While you may not be prepared for where you end up. Most people take the bugout to lightly. Its one of those things that just needs a lot of your time. If you are smart enough to sit down and make a quality plan you will reap the benefits.

Where do you start? How about 60+ resources on bugging out. You should lay a great base of information long before you sit down and start creating your own plan. Remember, the bugout is about you and it should be personalized.



Originally posted on SHTF Preparedness