BRN-4: Brownells’ HK416 Clone Lower And Parts Coming This Veteran’s Day

If you recall, The Firearm Blog broke the news back in March that Brownells was importing HK416 components. They first offered their HK417 parts for sale back in early September. Well now they will be selling their HK416 parts as well as offering their newly manufactured parts up for pre-order on Veteran’s Day, Monday November 12. Their 416 profile lowers, the BRN-4, will also be up for pre-order.

Brownells acquired a large quantity of HK 416 forged blanks and they will be offering them as fully machined 416 profile lowers. One of the biggest concerns was how Brownells would be marking their lowers: according to my contact, the manufacturer’s markings will be on the front of the mag well. On an MR556/416 this is where they have “WARNING: Read Operators Manual Before Use”.

See the sample below (Note: it will say Brownells instead of PWS). And just like the HK MR556/416 the Brownells lower will have the serial number engraved and color filled above the trigger pin on the same side as the bolt catch. Brownells is calling their lower the BRN-4. You may notice the lower has a M16 sear pocket milled into the receiver. Brownells says they


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog