British Squad Firepower: The Bren Light Machine Gun

The Bren light machine gun was one of the more robust and successful light machine gun designs to see service in the Second World War among the Allied forces. During the war, it was even produced full scale not only in Britain but also in Canada and Australia where it saw extensive service with the forces of those countries. Derived from the ZB26 and ZB30 linage, it served at the “section” level within the British infantry. Even after the war was over, the Bren remained in service with numerous countries, rebarrelled to 7.62x51mm NATO (UK, Pakistan, India, etc…)

In this video, we take a look at the Bren, some of its intricacies, and what made it so successful. We also do some position running with it, trying to get a feel of how the machine gun could get into and out of action in multiple positions.


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Originally posted on The Firearm Blog