Break Barrel Air Rifle – Why it’s the Best for Survival & Preparedness

An air rifle (pellet gun) is definitely part of my preparedness tool chest.

I chose the Diana RWS 34 break action (spring piston) in .177 caliber.

There are lots of air rifle brands, models, and charging types (described below).

For preparedness, I prefer the break action type of air rifle. I’ll tell you why after I briefly describe / compare the different types of airguns:

Types of Airgun Charging Mechanisms CO2

Power comes from CO2 in a pressurized cartridge/canister. The most common size is a 12 gram cartridge. Airgun pistols often use them. (This is what they look like)

CO2 cartridges are typically pressurized to about 1,000 psi. How many shots from a CO2 cartridge in an air rifle? You might get about 50. Though some may be less. Be aware that consistency may become an issue. CO2 pressure will lower on each shot. CO2 is affected by temperature.

One of the most popular and economic CO2 air rifles is the Crosman 1077 (see it here) .177 caliber; 12-shot rotary pellet clip; muzzle velocity 625 FPS.

CO2 air rifles are relatively inexpensive. They lack in velocity compared with other charging mechanisms. With that said, they can


Originally posted on Modern Survival Blog