Blacksmithing for the Urban Survival

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The urban survivor is confront by a huge list of skills and duties that must be accomplished. It would seem that there is no end to what must be stored and what must be learned.

The biggest issue in an urban survival situation is the lack of resources. That said, we should become masters of the resources that will be widely available in tough times. One such resource is going to be metal. We will never run out of metal!

Learning how to blacksmith could be one of the most important skills an urban survivor could learn. Its not as expensive as you might think and could be a powerful survival skill.


When you understand concepts like forge welding, repairs become possible on most things. When you are able to fix metal hinges, crack machines and the like, you enter a new realm of self sufficiency. It takes a lot less than you might thing to fix things. High heat and a hammer can


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