Best Outdoor Motion Lights For Home Security (2019)

I have no doubt whatsoever – THE best outdoor motion sensor lights: RAB Super Stealth 360, made in the USA. RAB makes the highest quality consumer motion sensor light on the market, in my opinion.

Why do I say that? I have installed lots of them! Moreover I have been completely satisfied with their outstanding performance over the years.

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RAB Lighting -Super Stealth 360 (bronze)

RAB ‘Super Stealth’ Outdoor Motion Light mounted on my deck

(UPDATE) Updated for 2019: The RAB outdoor motion lights that I have installed have been in service for many years without any problems whatsoever!

(UPDATE) I’ve also updated the LED Flood Lights information (below) confirming they’ve been operational for several years outdoors (all sorts of weather) with no issues at all.

What makes the ‘RAB Super Stealth 360’ the best outdoor motion lights?
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RAB Lighting -Super Stealth 360 (white)

I installed several more of the RAB’s to beef up my home security. They compliment the motion sensor lights that I installed a number of years ago. I was


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