Beefed-Up, Burnt Bronze Browning: NEW X-Bolt Pro Long Range

The Browning X-Bolt has been on the market for close to 10 years now and the semi-custom variant of the X-Bolt Pro was introduced back in 2017. Now Browning has unveiled a newer iteration for 2019 with the X-Bolt Pro Long Range! This new offering boasts a muzzle brake, Burnt Bronze Cerakote finish and a host of other high quality features. The X-Bolt Pro Long Range looks to meld the strength of stalwart hunting calibers in a long-range, accurate package.

To begin when this rifle is introduced in 2019, there will be an essential list of 8 calibers available for consumers. As mentioned earlier, these calibers need to thump and they need to remain accurate over long distances. Those calibers are:

6mm Creedmoor 6.5 Creedmoor 26 Nosler .270 WSM 7mm Rem Mag 28 Nosler .300 WSM .300 Win Mag

Depending on the caliber you land on, the MSRP varies between $2,159 – $2,229. All of these offerings will feature a 26″ barrel and weigh roughly 7 Lbs 3 Oz – 7 Lbs 8 Oz. Browning offers a deeper explanation of the X-Bolt Pro that has been on the market for the last 2 years which lays the foundation


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog