Bavarian Police Adopt FN SCAR-L

The Bavarian State Police have announced their adoption of the FN SCAR-L. The news was announced by the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior through the Strategie & Technik blog. The contract was awarded at the beginning of September and the guns will be issued to the Bavarian Bereitschaftspolizei (riot or rapid reaction police).

The Bavarian police have ordered 800 SCAR-Ls, with the contract award notice posted on 6th October. The contract is worth 6,814,000 Euros or $7,836,000 and includes the rifles, three 30-round magazines, a reflex sight and magnifier, a weapon light and a sling.

Here’s a (google translated) section from the contract award notice explaining some of the other elements of the contract:

– 800 mid-range weapons in the standard scope of delivery. The middle distance weapons are engraved with engraving “BYP” in the oval
– 1 316 000 cartridges of 5.56 mm x 45 caliber (.223 Remington) ammunition,
– 72 pieces of color marking weapons (FMM from SIMUNITION FX) as standard,
– 4 sets of testing and measuring equipment as well as special tools (tools required especially for the maintenance of the center distance weapon) for the Central Weapons Workshops of the Bavarian Police,
– 31 pieces exploded drawings as printed material


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog