Barter Items You Should Have For SHTF

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Old is gold! So, is the old exchange system called barter a golden opportunity even in today’s era? Perhaps, yes when a disastrous calamity attempts to ruin everything around! Besides the Zombie apocalypses you see in movies, there is a myriad of other real scenarios that can bring the global economy down. Even if an ATM can somehow manage to give you money once the network is down, it is surely not going to last for long or do you much good if you can spend it. However, this does not mean that the economy shall come to an end. Why? Because we have the option of using bartering items rather than money.

After a disaster keeps the power out of homes for an unpredicted number of days, some people and retailers may still accept cash. However, during those days, not so much cash can be found, and banks retain only a fraction of their total worth in their vaults. If the power does not


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