Australian Defence Force Tests the EC-Paint Weapon Camouflage

Australian Defence Magazine reports that the Australian Defence Force has been testing the EC-Paint day and night weapon camouflage paint made by a Norwegian company called NFM Group. The EC-Paint is formulated to provide a durable matte camouflage pattern that can be applied in field conditions allowing to adapt the color and camouflage of the weapon to any particular environment.

According to the mentioned media outlet, ADF’s Armament Systems Program Office (ARMTSPO) commissioned an Australian defense company called NIOA to conduct the testing of EC-Paint. The paint was applied to Colt M4A1 rifles. It was tested in conditions replicating the combat use of the weapon system such as intensive automatic fire. The paint proved to withstand the high temperatures and did not interfere with the operation of the weapon system. It was also easy to remove and had low odor and low toxicity.

Below you can find the description of the key features of EC-Paint (quoted from the NFM Group’s website) followed by a video demonstration.


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Originally posted on The Firearm Blog