An Active Shooter – The First Ten Seconds

As in any emergency, YOU are your own “first responder” and your actions in recognizing an emergency and taking a positive step to save your self are the single most important action you may have to make. It is a natural response to do the following:

Freeze Question – “was that really a gun shot?” And then panic!

NONE of these are going to save your life in a real situation, and in fact may cost you gravely as they waste seconds you may no longer have to spare.

That’s why the repetitive training of professional first responder – police, fire, EMT’s and the military. The “realize-access-act” has to be almost second nature, practiced until it becomes rote, routine, the “I have done it so much I dream about it and I wake up fully dressed, equipped and ready to rock and roll!” Most of us will never face an “active shooter” situation, but as preppers we prepare for the “what if’s” and this one can happen in a big city, at any soft target like a concert, a holiday picnic, a trip to the park, and even along a lonely highway in Arizona, or outside of Fargo.


Originally posted on The Prepper Journal