Accuracy Potential of AK Rifles

The AK family of rifles, among them the AKM and AK-74, are among the world’s most prolific and effective, popular with military, police and civilian shooters everywhere. In the U.S., the Kalashnikov has not always been popular, but since around 2010 has been enjoying a sharp increase in popularity thanks to the efforts of high quality commercial manufactures and dedicated enthusiasts.

It is today commonly chosen as a defensive or general purpose rifle thanks to its reputation for low cost, reliability, extreme ruggedness and brutal simplicity. One thing the AK is not loved for is its accuracy, or rather the perceived lack thereof. Ask the average shooter what they think of an AK’s accuracy potential and you’ll get answers ranging from “minute of barn door” to “meh.”

But is it true? If one wanted to arm themselves with an AK variant for defense, hunting or competition, will they be hobbling their capability past a hundred yards or so? Just how far can you push an AK with any standard of accuracy? Does make, model and cartridge make any difference, or is the path of the Kalashnikov one of little precision?

While it is true that the progenitor of the AK


Originally posted on The Survivalist Blog