Accidents on the Information Superhighway

Even if you completely discount the circus that is taking place in Washington D.C., which you should, and just open up your computer to the Internet your are suddenly in a unique swamp all to its self, one replete with low-life creatures that even the creators of fiction in Hollywood would envy.

As Preppers we, like everyone else, deal in information, we depend upon it and should always understand its sources. We are already aware of the American Media and its agenda and hopefully we have learned to apply the proper filters. On the one side we make planning and life decisions based on the information at hand and on the other we keep valuable data in these smart devices. Date that can be used to hurt us financially.

Can we be sure our laptop is secure? Any of our internet capable devices? I know I have received a half-dozen scams through email of late phishing for information. Emails that are mirror images of the actual sites we deal with on a regular basis (JP Morgan Chase, Amazon, E-bay, even Google) looking to “verify” account information and now with required fields for my social security number and drivers


Originally posted on The Prepper Journal