Abandoning the Homestead

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The buzz and hum of computers, the fluorescent lighting and all of the things that go along with an office are almost palpable. You have the co-worker who is too loud and a climate that is either too cold or too hot.

It is in this strange, artificial environment that the seeds of homesteading are sewn.

“There has to be a better way.”

Its a call that comes from the soul. Some people answer that call and they begin looking for that better way. For a long time people have been trapped in the cubicle lifestyle but they are now starting to see how much better their lives can be if they start down a path towards self-sufficiency.

We have all heard or read the triumphant story of the person who leaves their job to chase their dream. Maybe that dream is a homestead. For many its just that.

Of course, that scene is glorious but what happens after, is the homestead always the final


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