A Yemeni Locally Made 14.5×114 Heavy Sniper Rifle

Yemen is known to have the highest percentage of armed citizens in the Arab world, with over 60 million weapons including small arms, mortars, RPGs, and even Anti Aircraft Man-Pad missiles.  With a population of 30 million citizens, that means 2 weapons for every person. Obviously, they take their “2nd amendment” seriously.

I have previous experiences in talking to Yemeni gun lovers and I can tell that these guys are obsessed with firearms (much like Texans in the USA).

(Side view of the Yemeni 14.5×114 mm AMR that we didn’t find comparable to other rifles of its category)

Some video footage, that appeared to be in Yemen, showed a new 14.5×114 mm rifle.  At the moment we don’t have solid information about which side in Yemen manufactured this Anti Material Rifle.  It was either Sunnis backed by KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and allies, or Houthis backed by Iran (or even a neutral talented tribal man who is obsessed with guns–like most Yemeni citizens).  Let’s put aside the origin of this rifle only knowing its Yemeni and take a technical look on it.

The rifle appeared only in one video unlike the other Iranian rifles which have appeared on


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog