A very nice holster for the CZ Shadow 2

Plastic fantastic by all means, but there’s something special with products made out of natural leather, by hand. I noticed this fantastic holster in a Facebook group and asked the owner for permission to use the pictures as well as ask him for a few details.

I can honestly say I am stunned by the fantastic work that Caleb (Bitterroot Gunleather) has done for me!! This beautiful holster arrived in the post today and believe me the workmanship is second to none.

And when you consider that i live on the other side of the world he was completely trust worthy and very helpful. The only other thing i can say is WOW and THANK YOU!!!!

Below: Here you can see the holster from the opposite side.

The holsters are made by Caleb Koller at Bitterroot Gunleather, Montana, USA.

You can check out their Facebook here and their Hompage here.

Guernsey Gun Laws

When I realized that the proud owner of these holster and the CZ Shadow 2 was living in the United Kingdom, and not in the US as expected, I was perplexed. Handguns like the CZ2 Shadow there, really?

I then understood that the


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