A Dichotomy of Preparedness

On this date 77 years ago our ancestors stepped up to become what we now call the Greatest Generation. They left factory life in the growing cities and rural life on farms across America to take up arms against a common enemy. Men and women interrupted and disrupted their lives almost overnight to come together for the common good and they changed the world.

As preppers we should take a lesson from the fact that also on this date 77 years ago the United States government was unprepared for the war, one that it was about to be consumed by, a war that eventually engaged 50 nations supporting the Allies against the three pillars of the Axis, Germany, Italy and Japan.

As preppers this really represents one of the most interesting periods in our history. Still changing from a rural-based, homesteading society to a city-based industrial society, a lot of people then were preppers by necessity. They grew and canned their own foods, farmed, gardened, hunted, fished and raised their own livestock out of necessity for their own tables as well as to earn some income.  Most dairy and meat supplies were home grown and if not, it was


Originally posted on The Prepper Journal