9MM Gatling Gun From Tippmann Armory

It seems like a bunch of companies debuted their own version of a Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) at SHOT Show 2019. Check out our Top 5 new SMG / PCC list from SHOT 2019. There was seriously a lot of them this year. Well the folks over at Tippmann Armory didn’t debut a new PCC, they showed off something even better then some tacticool operator toy.

They released a 1/3 scale version of an 1865 Gatling gun chambered in 9mm. It functions very similar to the real deal 1865 model Gatling Gun. It’s multi-barrelled, hand cranked, fires from the four o’clock position and spent casings drop out the bottom of the gun. And because making everything accept Glock magazines is in vogue right now, it uses Glock mags.

The Tippmann Armory 9mm Gatling gun in action.

A look at the rear sight as well as elevation adjustment crank for the 9mm Tippmann Armory Gatling Gun, and yes, it takes Glock mags!

A look at the hand crank on the Tippmann Armory 9mm Gatling Gun. It functions just like an original 1865 Gatling Gun. It’s hand cranked and fires from the four o’clock position and spent shell casings fall out of


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog