9 Things You Need To Live Off The Grid

Living off the grid requires you to shift to a whole new lifestyle. Here are things to prepare so you can live remotely in an efficient way.

Few Things You Need When Living Off the Grid


Off Grid Living Preparations

This mental shift is one of the most important preparations you can make. You never know when you need to live off the grid.

It’s either things are taking a bad turn or you’re choosing to live away from urban chaos.


1. Truck and Cargo Trailer

Get a decent truck and a cargo trailer. In times of emergencies, you only need to dump your things in the cargo trailer.

Hook your things up at the back of your truck, hit the road, and go wherever your heart desires. Plus, if you decide to settle somewhere off the grid, you can convert it as a tiny house or an extension to your log cabin.

2. Large Tent

While you’re living off the grid, you need a tent. This can serve as your home for many months to come.

It’s light and easy to pack — a simple, collapsible shelter that


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