9 Smart Soda Can Survival Hacks You Need To Know

Check out these soda can survival hacks, and see if you can come up with any survival hacks of your own! I’ve said it before, but I really can’t emphasize this enough: there’s no survival skill more important than improvisation. Take a soda can, for example. You can get a ton of uses out of an empty soda can, including these soda can survival hacks. So don’t throw them away just yet! Also, you are likely to find soda cans anywhere, which means you can survive by arming yourself with these simple soda can hacks!

Soda Can Survival Hacks that Could Save Your Life! 1. Soda Can Improvised Lamp

It might not seem like much–in fact, it probably seems like a piece of trash. But there are several surprising survival hacks which can turn a common soda can into a useful survival tool.

Take this improvised soda can lamp. Simply draw a big “I” on the side of the can. Cut the lines with a razor, then open it up and put a tea candle inside. Use the tab as a hanger.

2. DIY Soda Can Survival Torch

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See this wonderful video from Open Green Energy and see


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