8 Food Storage Myths

Storing food is a big part of prepping. Even if you have the land and resources to grow your own crops you need to assume the worst-case scenario of losing everything you’ve planted, and that means having enough food stockpiled to last until you can grow some more. In a nuclear scenario you’re going to have to spend weeks in a bunker, and you can’t nip out to pick some corn whenever you get hungry. A storm could flatten your crops, or hungry refugees could plunder them while you’re asleep. If you don’t have a large store of food, you’re not truly prepared.

The trouble is, storing food isn’t easy. Since the first farmers began producing surplus crops about 10,000 years ago, preserving food for future use has been one of humanity’s biggest challenges – and the consequences of getting it wrong are serious. If you’re lucky a mistake means wasted


Originally posted on Ask A Prepper