7 Steps for Heating Your Home During a Power Outage

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In terms of survival, the rule of three states that you can survive three minutes without oxygen, three hours without shelter in a harsh environment, three days without water and three weeks without food. This article tackles the issue of shelter and heating for the urban family that relies on electricity for heating their home or apartment.

While many of us, that are prepared, will have food and water supplies within our homes, its important not to overlook the possibility of dangers that can occur for those families with electric heating in cold weather. For those living closer to the equator, it may be warm enough most of the year without additional heat but an unexpected winter cold snap could find you shivering in your apartment. There are a few steps in this article that everyone can use to heat their home without electricity and knowing your options is half the battle.

7 Steps for Heating Your Home During a Power Outage


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