7 Medicines You Should Know How To Make At Home

It seemed like no matter what I went to the doctor for as a child, I received an antibiotic. This happened so regularly to so many people that it changed the way a whole generation, or maybe more, looked at medicine. When it came time to raise our own kids we looked at the doctor cross eyed when they would say things like:

“It’s a virus. It will just have to run its course.”

Forced to take the suffering child home and manage their fever, we began to realize that doctors didn’t hold the golden key to the medicine cabinet. It turns out we have just as much power as the doctor when it comes to preventative medicine and even healing. Sometimes, we have even more power!

Through a combination of digging out lost skills and the radical availability of raw materials, people have begun to stock their own medicine cabinets. Even easy to buy OTC meds are being replaced by safer natural methods of dealing with pain, infection and healing in general. You might think this kind of work belongs in a lab, but you’d be mistaken. In fact, we are going to go over some of the medicines you


Originally posted on Ask A Prepper