7 Common Household Items That Make For GREAT Garden Fertilizer

The home garden is not only for the prepper. Its not just for the person who is pushing towards self reliance. Sooner rather than later you are going to see that the backyard garden is going to be a necessity. Think about it. We know that leafy green vegetables are the key to good health. Therefore, why would you not have at least one beg full of leafy greens? Good health is literally as easy as growing and eating vegetables that come from your backyard.

To grow a powerful garden you are going to need fertilizer. You do not want to fertilize using chemicals or you might just want to shop at the supermarket. Fertilizing naturally is the deal. This article is what its all about. It will offer you some great household items that you can compost down into a powerful food for your


Originally posted on SHTF Preparedness