6 Reliable Pocket Revolvers For Off-grid Defense

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Each outdoor trip has some kind of risk involved and you might be forced to defend yourself. When knives and other melee defensive tools do not work, pocket revolvers are the solution for keeping attackers at bay! Unlike the semiautomatic ones, concealable revolvers are more comfortable to pack and carry and are more versatile.

The revolvers shown in this article range from very small to pocket-sized models, but are capable of putting down big attackers. Many of them can shoot several calibers. This enables one to fine-tune the load that is favorable to carry and shoot. Moreover, I simply love to carry a gun fully loaded with shotgun shells.

Another reason for me to recommend pocket revolvers and not semiautomatics is reliability. The pocked ones hardly ever jam after the pull is triggered. In case nothing happens upon that pull, you simply need to pull the trigger once more. Similarly, they are easier to draw due to grip that is thinner than the cylinder.



Originally posted on SHTF Preparedness