50 Christmas Traditions For Having Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

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If you stop 10 people in the street and ask them what Christmas is all about you could get 10 different answers. Christmas is a unique holiday that we celebrate in the biggest and the best way we can.

It’s a game of money spent and overwhelming moments. Some are both good and bad. Of course, there is more to this holiday than the highly corporatized elements. Besides the celebration of truth and the birth of the ultimate hero in Jesus Christ, it’s also much about tradition.

Some of the fondest memories we have as children go back to those memories of Christmas and how we were so alive in those days leading up. What was going to be under that tree and how much fun would it be to play with.

If you are lucky, you still celebrate and carry that fire for Christmas and the traditions therein. It’s an incredible life if you get out of the way and let it happen as


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