5 Wilderness Survival Myths That Could Kill You

We debunk 5 common survival myths that can contribute to your wilderness survival skills as well as the difference between life and death. As survival experts, we think we have what it takes to make it in the most extreme situations. But how much of what we’re taught is actually true?

Protect Yourself from These Survival Myths Myth #1: Your Priority Should Be Looking for Food

The truth: Your first priority should NOT be looking for food – you can survive many days without food. Focus instead on finding water and shelter. Even with all your survival gear, the harsh environment and the cold in the wilderness will be too much to bear without shelter. The human body is also in constant need of hydration.

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Myth #2: A Shelter Means a Roof over Your Head

The truth: A shelter isn’t just covering your head with a roof – it means a bed you can survive the night in. Use dry vegetation to make a safe place to sleep. The key is to make a shelter that’s warm enough to protect you from the cold of the night. Myth #3: Conserve Your Water for Later


Originally posted on Survival Life