5 Unusual Things To Pickle

When it comes to pickling we usually think of the classic options, such as cucumbers and peppers. But there is a whole world of pickling available, covering foods most people wouldn’t ever consider – did you ever think of pickling watermelon, apples, corn, or even pork?

Any of these foods, and many more, can be pickled. The art of pickling has been around for ages, because it not only preserves and extends the shelf life of foods, but also has the ability to take their flavor to a completely new and interesting place. The general rule is that if it’s edible and fits in a jar, it can probably be pickled.

Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting foods for pickling, and then I will get to a pickled pumpkin recipe later in the article.

Interesting Foods You Can Pickle

New trends with pickling go way beyond pickles. Some of these foods have been pickled for decades, but the popularity of the method is growing significantly as people seek ways to preserve and enhance various foods.

Take meat, for example. You can pickle pork with a simple salt base, or add various ingredients to alter the flavor a


Originally posted on Ask A Prepper