5 Odd Things You Can Do With Razors: You Never Know When You'll Need It

Today disposable safety razors are a . The funny thing is, rocket scientists even work in the safety razor industry. It seems shaving hair effectively is a serious business.


While big razor businesses are constantly looking for the next cutting-edge technology in tiny blades, the rest of us look at these sharp packages and wonder “there’s gotta be more we can do with these.” When a safety razor is the of the only sharp objects you’re allowed to bring onto an airplane, you might too be wondering what else it’s capable of.


In the next few paragraphs, I’ll give you exactly that.

1. A Surgical Tool for Snake Bites

Most snake bite kits will include a razor. But if your kit doesn’t have one or you accidentally grabbed your shaving kit instead, a safety razor should be your go-to surgical tool.

Of course, there is no real alternative


Originally posted on American Preppers Network