5 Maps You Should Have At Home

GPS is one of the miracles of the information age. In 25 years it’s gone from being an expensive technology mostly used by the military and oil companies, to so cheap and ubiquitous that almost every cell phone now doubles as a navigation device. This is great for getting around, but unfortunately it also means we’re slowly forgetting about a much more reliable navigation aid – maps.

Maps take some skill to use properly, but unlike a GPS they don’t need batteries. They won’t stop working if some mad dictator hits us with an EMP attack, the military decides to scramble the signal for unencrypted (i.e. all non-military) receivers, or you just drop it on pavement. They’re robust, low-tech and, in a crisis, invaluable. If you want to be prepared, and your plans involve anything more than sitting quietly at home, you need to have maps.

This goes double if you plan to bug out in a crisis. Sure, you probably have the route from home to your BOL memorized, but what if you can’t follow that route? Maybe an earthquake has brought a key bridge down, or the town you planned to drive through is sealed off by the National


Originally posted on Ask A Prepper