5 Herbs That Will Relieve Your Joint Pain

These are the top five herbs that I recommend for joint pain. There are many others that work equally well. Any herb that reduces inflammation and is high in anti-oxidants will help joint pain, but these have other properties that increase the healing effects on the joints.

To help you get the most benefits from these herbs make sure your vitamin and mineral consumption is sufficient, and possibly take an omega-3 oil capsule. Just getting overall good nutrition will make a big difference. This is my routine, and I think it helps give the herbs the best environment to do their work.

There are many herbs that reduce inflammation and relieve joint pain. The key is finding the combination that works for you, and then using them regularly for best effects.

Lemon Verbena, Aloysia citrodora

I grow lemon verbena because I love the heavenly lemon scent. When I need a pick-up, I crush a few leaves in my hands and breathe in the scent. Once I started growing the plant, I was thrilled to learn that it also has health benefits.

Lemon verbena is a powerful antioxidant and protects the muscles and joints. It prevents damage to muscles that’s often


Originally posted on Ask A Prepper