4 Ways to Keep Monsanto Out Of Your Backyard

Has Monsanto been sneaking into your garden and onto your dinner plate? Keeping the biotech giant and its competitors out of our lives is becoming increasingly difficult. Since 2005 the GMO seed and chemical pesticide maker has bought up more than 40 percent of the seed market in the United States  – and 20 percent of the global market.

As hard as you may have tried not to, you may have unknowingly been putting money into the pockets of Monsanto. Because the company provides the genetics from 75 percent of tomatoes, 55 percent of lettuce, and 85 percent of peppers now available on the shelves of grocery store shelves, it is almost impossible not to ingest the work of the biotech industry giant.

To a lesser but still significant percentage. Monsanto also provides the genetics for spinach, beans, melons, peas, cucumbers, squash, cabbage, and broccoli.

Monsanto,  Syngenta, Bayer, and Dow have been buying up every seed company they can get their hands on for well over a decade. Bayer controls at least 29 percent of the world seed market and 24 percent of the chemical pesticide market, too.

Do not expect the seed companies to advertise on their packets that they


Originally posted on Ask A Prepper