4 Human Diseases Caused By Chickens

How do people get diseases caused by chickens? Read and learn what precautionary measures to take!

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Jordan Walker is a pet lover who does not limit himself to learning about how to connect with pets. He also makes it a point to inform others about pet-related illnesses. In this post, the curator of Coops and Cages writes about four diseases spread by chickens.

1. Salmonella

Salmonella is a germ that avian life usually carry. Poultry domesticated birds like turkeys and chickens — whether commercial farm chickens, backyard chickens, or organically-raised chickens — could all carry Salmonella.

This bacterium does not cause any illnesses on the avian carrier, but it has harmful effects on humans. Just like the effects of a virus, this germ can be contracted by coming into contact with chickens and their immediate environment.

How People Get Salmonella Germs

The Salmonella germs can attach to


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