32 Things to Consider When Buying Land for Your Homestead

Whether you already have a homestead and are looking to expand it, or if you want to take the first steps toward starting a one from the ground up, buying land is something you have to do. This is never easy, as there’s so much that you need to evaluate beforehand, from the geographic location to the condition of the buildings that are on it. For those who are seeking to buy land the first time, the process can be overwhelming.

When making such a significant purchase, you need to ensure that you really are making the best decision possible. Everything, from renovations to soil improvements take not just money, but also time. In order to avoid wasting money on a piece of land you’ll later regret, here are some points to consider when buying land for homesteading purposes.

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Geographical Location
1. Accessibility to Nearby Towns and Cities

When imagining their dream homestead, many people think of a remote area with no neighbours or amenities around for miles. While this may seem idyllic, you do also


Originally posted on The Survivalist Blog