30+ Items to Include When Building a TSA-Approved Bug Out Bag

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Usually, building a bug out bag is limited by the space within the bag and the weight of its contents. However, there are also situations where many items in the bag may not be appropriate, such as an airport. Think of everything you have or want to have in your bug out bag.  

Many of those items — a full water bottle, knives, guns, lighter, sharp tools and pepper spray — would all be confiscated by TSA checkpoints before you could even get into the airport.

 Now, as you can guess, flying isn’t exactly the best option when SHTF. However, sometimes you do need to travel, and, like it or not, abide by TSA guidelines from the entry security checkpoint to exit security checkpoint. The good news is that there are many items which you can still take with you on a plane (and then you can fill in the gaps once you land). These items can help you survive a


Originally posted on SHTF Preparedness