3 Survival Tips From Season 4 of Bear Grylls’s “Running Wild”

Editors Note: As preppers know there have been several TV shows that deal with the prepper lifestyle, from the extreme, Dooms Day Preppers, to the benign shows that show up on the DIY and HGTV networks to the wilderness builders of the “off the grid” lifestyle. Among these is Bear Grylls and his “Running Wild” Series. I thought a closer look at a couple of his adventures might be entertaining.

Bear Grylls is a little bit past his heyday in terms of his fame and the attention that’s paid to him. Some have questioned the accuracy of his various television programs and others have simply moved on to new shows and new TV personalities, as is the way of things. But one clever way Grylls has found around this, for those still paying attention, is by incorporating celebrities into his adventures. Who can forget his getting permission from the Secret Service to allow Obama to take a taste of a bear-discarded salmon in Alaska? All while surrounded by 60+ agents/snipers/staff. By performing feats of daring and survival not just alone, but alongside people who aren’t accustomed to such things, Grylls is sometimes better able to demonstrate the real


Originally posted on The Prepper Journal